• key management systems eliminates lost keys
  • smartbox Intelligent asset storage cabinets
  • ValueBox is an intelligent system for managing valuables
  • Special pegs to secure your keys
  • Trade plate management systems ensuring that trade plate holders are always available
  • key cabinets for the ultimate in security

     industrial applications

    Key storage cabinets developed, manufactured and supplied by CCK's. We manufacture key storage cabinets that meet customer needs. Digital key cabinets supplied to a broad range of industries.

    Managing industry effectively

    It would be quite easy to associate CCKeys purely with the auto trade since our products lend themselves so well to this particular market.

    However, our product portfolio extends itself much further and can be used throughout industry in a wide range of applications. And as we build each key management system to order it is possible to have it tailored around the items you want to control.

    For example, take the coal mining industry. A tough and dirty environment where employees are given their own private storage locker as part of their own hygiene policy. How do you ensure that once the key to the locker is allocated, they are not lost of worse – fall into the right hands.

    Having the keys checked in and out ensures that the employer knows the status of the key at any given time, which minimises confusion especially when considering that you could easily be talking about hundreds of locker keys at any given time.

    There are numerous applications in industry where our systems can be deployed. Private and commercial storage lockups are another good example. So, to learn more about our key management systems click here to contact us.

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