• key management systems eliminates lost keys
  • smartbox Intelligent asset storage cabinets
  • ValueBox is an intelligent system for managing valuables
  • Special pegs to secure your keys
  • Trade plate management systems ensuring that trade plate holders are always available
  • key cabinets for the ultimate in security
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    Are you still searching for keys?

    Use our custom built key managements to look after your keys. Our key management systems are designed using retention pegs and a anti-tamper seal. Read more and get a free quote. The Keymanager system ends all the frustration of looking for lost keys. It is designed to offer superb control and efficiency. Keymanager lets you track and locate any key in seconds.

    The secure, user friendly and modular design makes it a must have in any key management situation.

    Each keymanager board is custom built to your specifications, whether you need it to be a mobile hand board or fitted in a high security key cabinet, keymanager can provide the solution to your needs.

    How key manager works?

    Keys are secured to a numbered retention peg in the keymanager board using an anti-tamper seal. (When the keymanager system is being used to manage vehicle keys, a numbered mirror plaque or disc is used to match the vehicle to the retention peg. )

    An authorised user can release the keys by inserting a personalised access peg. In doing so the access peg is now locked into the board clearly identifying who has the keys. Only when the keys are returned to the board can the access peg be retrieved.


    Reduce the time spent looking for keys or finding out who's got them. The key management system quickly identifies who's got the keys.


    Only authorised personnel can access keys from the secure key cabinet and because Keymanager uses a unique peg system you will always know who is holding the keys.

    Reduce costs

    No more lost keys! The key management system will save you time and money by letting you track and locate any key in seconds.


    When housed in a CCK key cabinet keymanager excels as a complete solution for your key storage needs.

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    Key Manager Site Examples:

    Major Shopping Centre, Kent
    To track keys and shared equipment

    London Underground
    For the management of train and retail unit keys

    Estate Agents
    Management of all property keys

    NHS Trust, West Midlands
    Used to track equipment and facilities keys

    Ambulance Service (North)
    Track, secure and manage spare ambulance keys

    Security Groups, UK wide
    Building keys management

    Premier League Footbal Club
    To track keys and walkie talkies

    Police Constabulary, North
    Secure and track breathalyser equipment