• key management systems eliminates lost keys
  • smartbox Intelligent asset storage cabinets
  • ValueBox is an intelligent system for managing valuables
  • Special pegs to secure your keys
  • Trade plate management systems ensuring that trade plate holders are always available
  • key cabinets for the ultimate in security
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     key manager pegs

    Special pegs to secure your keys

    CCK's supplies retention pegs to a number of well known industries. Read more about our key management systems and retention pegs. Free quote available.

    Retention Pegs

    ... are used to secure the keys onto the keymanager board. Key control pegs come in 12 different colours and are engraved here at CCKeys. So you can order exactly what you need.

    Access pegs available from CCK. We also supply custom built key management systems. Order your access pegs from us today. Free quote available.

    Access Pegs

    ...are issued to authorised personnel and release keys from the board. They come in a variety of different colours, 22 to be precise. Access pegs are also all engraved individually so you can choose if you want to use numbers or initials to track those keys.

    Executive access pegs readily available from CCK. Choose your peg colour and we'll customise your executive access pegs with relevant information. Order from us today. Free quote available.

    Executive Access Pegs

    ...can be used to restrict access to certain keys in the key manager system. A keymanager board can be setup so standard access pegs will only have access to certain keys. However, executive pegs can access the whole board.

    To see the huge variety of peg colours we have click here.

    For new or replacement key manager pegs, please contact our sales team on 0121 445 4551 or click here.

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