• key management systems eliminates lost keys
  • smartbox Intelligent asset storage cabinets
  • ValueBox is an intelligent system for managing valuables
  • Special pegs to secure your keys
  • Trade plate management systems ensuring that trade plate holders are always available
  • key cabinets for the ultimate in security
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    Smart Box

    Smart, flexible key control

    Intelligent Key Management

    Smart Box offers maximum flexibility, managing from 14 keys up to several thousand keys across your business. Using Keywin software, you can manage one cabinet or 100 cabinets in multiple locations using the same system. The software can be managed by a single administrator, or shared with other administrators.


    You decide who can access each key. One or several keys can be taken at any time, using the intelligent smart control pegs. Pegs can be returned to any cabinet.

    All Smart Box systems are fitted with a UPS-battery back-up.

    Smart Box

    Simple to use

    Users can access the the cabinet by entering a personal code or via biometric fingerprint entry. The system will indicate which keys you have access to and you simply take out the keys you wish to use. If a key has already been removed, the convenient display will show you who has it.

    Event Log

    All events are registered in an event log, both from key cabinets and from KeyWin5. You choose what will be shown. The intelligent search function makes it easy to obtain information and produce reports.

    Simple Administration, Instant Tracking

    Users, groups and keys are simple and quick to register. You determine user and group access to keys by connecting them in the key management system. Every time a key is used it is registered, and a simple search enables you to find out who has had what key and when.

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    Key Manager Site Examples:

    Major Shopping Centre, Kent
    To track keys and shared equipment

    London Underground
    For the management of train and retail unit keys

    Estate Agents
    Management of all property keys

    NHS Trust, West Midlands
    Used to track equipment and facilities keys

    Ambulance Service (North)
    Track, secure and manage spare ambulance keys

    Security Groups, UK wide
    Building keys management

    Premier League Footbal Club
    To track keys and walkie talkies

    Police Constabulary, North
    Secure and track breathalyser equipment